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Vaping?!! What is this mean?

Vaping means that to use an e-cigarette or vaping device (vape kit, pod system, Disposable pod devices) instead of classic cigarettes. Any vaping device has a heating element that converts liquid into flavored vapor which you then inhale. Vaping liquid comes in many different flavors and nicotine strengths; some have no nicotine at all.


Is vaping dangerous?

Let’s be clear and straight , vaping is definitely not a healthy activity , simply you are inserting vapors and chemicals to your lungs instead of pure oxygen,,, BUT…….if you are a traditional smoker please keep reading this paragraph...

All Research till date done by different countries’ Public Health organizations and third party research centers showed that vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. While vaping much safer than cigarettes, However there are still some concerns.

Keeping in mind most of the harm caused by traditional cigarettes, including cancer, comes from tar. There is no tar in vaping liquids.

Many of the e-liquids ( Saltnic or e-juices ) used in vaping devices contain nicotine. Nicotine can lead to circulation problems as well as heart disease. You can lower the risk by choosing e-liquids with less nicotine or with no nicotine at all.


Does vaping have nicotine?

The answer depends on what type of e-liquid you are\will vaping…

Yes, if you are filling vape device with free base nicotine OR Salt Nic liquid, which nicotine strength ranges between 20mg to 50mg

No, if you are using e-liquids with zero nicotine contents, also there are e-liquids with low nicotine strength various between 3mg till 12mg

So you can choose to vape with e-liquids that have no nicotine, or various different strengths of nicotine.


Can I vape without nicotine if I am new vapor?

Yes, you can buy e-liquid without nicotine. BUT….. from our practical experience if you are new to vaping and just quitting the traditional cigarettes, so to avoid any chance to return back to cigarettes we advise you to start at beginning with Salt nic e-liquids since your body is still familiar with high level of nicotine and with time passing you can gradually reduce the nicotine level to best concentration you like or even to zero nicotine level by using e-juices.


Can I taper down the nicotine?

Different types of e-liquid or ‘e-juice’ have different nicotine strengths. If you are trying to give up nicotine you can start off with high strength nicotine e-liquid and then gradually taper down to nicotine free e-liquids.


How do I start vaping?

 The easiest way is to buy a starter kit that contains all the equipment you need. What you need to vape is a vape pen or ‘mod’, a battery, an atomizer tank, and a mouthpiece. Of course you need e-liquid too.

You can also start with pod systems which is easier than vape kits and less complicated, also all pod systems produce MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping experience which is exactly the same feelings while you are smoking a traditional cigarettes, with Pod system it is better to fill it with Saltnic liquids

Don’t forget also to try Disposable pod systems; here you do not have to worry about liquid or battery charging. Simply unpack the disposable pod and start vaping, in the average one disposable pod device can stand for 1 Full day or little more. You can keep one spare disposable device as a spare in your pocket ;)


How much does vaping cost?

Starter kits cost from 100-350 Dhs. E-liquid is 45 – 80 Dhs , one bottle of e-liquid can stand for 10-20 Days depends on your vaping way and how many puff you inhale daily.

At Vape Gate UAE we are glad to hear from you any further clarifications and questions you would like to ask, you only need to contact with our customer service team via mail