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About Us is an online vape shop in Abu Dhabi , Dubai & UAE which offers a wide variety of vape products from the top brands such as SMOK and VOOPOO. Whether you're looking to start vaping with a JUUL or Myle, want to buy vape juice online, or want to shop for a cheap box mod, Vape Gate UAE website is here to accommodate. We aspire to be the best online vape shop and offer only the most popular and high-quality salt Nicotine juices, e-cig refills, vape kits, and more.

Our Vape Gate UAE Shop is your ‘go to shop’ for e-cigarette and vaping supplies, offering a simple shopping experience and an ever-evolving range of products. Now that vaping has become a trend, people that are new to vaping can be overwhelmed by the huge number of e-liquid choices available. Not only do you have to consider the vape device itself, but you want to ensure that the liquid you choose is one that you will enjoy.

Vape Gate UAE is designed to guide you while browsing different products to discover the best product for you. Our product filters will easily lead you to different vaping devices, vaping kits, mod systems in addition to E-juices and salt nicotine and of course we did not forget to offer you the newest vaping accessories.